Pious, S. A. PLC [The Ban Exchange. Ban Securities and Exchanges. Pious S.A.] will not be Liable for any act (s) of God....or the things of God...any act (s) of people...or the things of people... or any other global (s), national (s), or area (s), sector (s), affair (s) that can arise from The Ban Exchange venture (s). Pious, S. A. is only simple overseers. To GIFT to Pious, S. A. will be a personal choice by each individual participant (s)...any amounts will be automatically accepted, in any monetary, internationally. Force Majeure' Clause: Pious, S. A. will become full legal heir/ownership of any legally confiscated winnings, due to illegal operations...such as spamming, or other causes, affair (s), including reparation (s), reprieve (s), remuneration (s), from any citizen (s), or any global (s), national (s), area (s), governmental body (s) or agency (s), or corporate official (s), or other. This certificate has been registered properly world wide, and will be monitored by all governmental agencies worldwide. Any changes to any of the certificates will be considered an illegal operation, except for the additives that can be added, as explained in the certificate script (s).Further more...GLOBAL AGREEMENTS FOR TRADE...I.E. UCC-Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property...This is a treaty relating to patents which is adhered to 140 countries. It provides that each country guarantees to the citizens of other countries the same rights in patent and trademark (TM) matters that it gives to its own citizens. The treaty also provides for the right of priority in the case of patents (filing only), trademarks and industrial design (design patents). This right means that, on the basis of a regular first application in one of the member countries, the applicant may, within a certain period of time, apply for protection in all the other member countries (Almost the entire Earth). These later applications will then be regarded as if they have been filed on the same day as the first application. Thus, these later applications will have priority over applications for the same invention which may have been filed during the same period of time by other persons. Moreover, these later applications, being based on the first application, will not be invalidated by any acts accomplished in the interval, such as, for example, publication, or exploitation of the invention, the sale of copies of the design, or use of the trademark. The period of time mentioned above, within the subsequent applications may be filed in the other countries, is 12 months in the case of first applications for patent and six months in the case of industrial designs and trademarks. Another treaty known as the Patent Cooperation Treaty, was negotiated at a diplomatic conference in June of 1970. The Treaty came into force on January 24, 1978, and is presently adhered to by over 90 countries...actually about the same as the Paris Convention specifics....UCC (Universal Copyright Convention) does all as stated herein this paragraph but for all members states (nations) of the United Nations Organization which is close to 200 nations. So to transcribe...Pious (TM), Globules Lottery, and II, Seeds~Enneads, Seasons, Spices, Solstices, the Seas, and thy Suns, Traders-Unions enhancement format is a non direct affiliate of the lotteries, is copyrighted world-wide, and world-wide patent pending (filing only), through a United States Filing Only Patent registration. Beyond those arenas.... a free trade agreement is in effect in all global nations whom abide/accept by those laws, of the United Nations Member States (Nations) which pertain to these free trade zone agreements.DISCLAIMER: Any international, and/or national (s), area (s), globules, discrepancies will result in the property (s) at hand, whether monetary, or paper, will remain the ownership of the original owner. Arbitration at as Our, Pious SA PLC, proxy.A Snippet from Our Standing Orders filed in 1989 within the chartered states members associations: Any defamation act (s), coax, corrupt, dismantle, demental, infiltration (s), with or with out intent, of/into The Ban Exchange, Pious SA PLC, Ban Global Securities and Exchanges, and/or any globules markets, properties, atoms, thereof, including corporate globules associations, will be and is, considered as a act of war like conduct [not limited to misappropriated funds, insolvency's rulings, quid pro quo's, vis a versa, pro's] with prejudice, or remorse, amendment, or arbitration. Such issues will be dissolved of immediately, and automatically, without recourse, amendment, or arbitration, with prejudice.We do not ENDORSE any programs listed within Our Archives. The information is for your use. Some programs/investments may be ILLEGAL depending on your country's laws. Use the Human Resources forum, access, below, to help protect others if you've been SCAMMED by a particular program, and complete a complaint form at the International site of International Settlements, or other, the world government can assist you in any such loses. Many of the investments listed will retain your deposit and only pay you with the dividends, interest earnings, and not return your deposit (s), only the interest earnings will be disbursed to you. You can also loose all monies, capitals, tangibles, non tangibles, assets. Remember to always be sure a full location business address, and telephone number, is available from any investment company (s), or brokerage (s), and single trader (s). Investigate such needs before investing with any investment company (s). DON'T SPEND WHAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE! RULE OF THUMB/GOLDEN RULE: NEVER, NEVER, PAY ADVANCED FEES, UNLESS TRADING IN FOREX.





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