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The Ancient Art






AS REFERENCE...Use the Healing Oils that Jesus Christ used for Healing support after his miraculous touch.....Purchase at the following web site address............, myrrh, lavender, bilberry, etc...a large variety is available...


Greetings, in a million universal languages. GOD BLESS Prayer and/or meditation has always been, and will always be, the far most method of overcoming sickness and diseases, or temptations, uncontrollable moods, of any form. Spiritual knowledge is a must, in all religions and/or cultures. Or just that one you adore. But for extra protection against any illness or disease. The fore going is a must or below statements. Daily intake of fruits and vegetables, and mineral water, or purified water only as a substitute, is a must, most people dont realize how important these eatables, foods, clean water, really are. If you search for the fullest of being (life) or the extra-terrestrial being (life). No illnesses ever. Fruits and vegetables supplement tablets only as a substitute, can be purchased at any food, health, store. Is a must DAILY to live properly in all phases of life, including extra-terrestrial life. For healthy, youthful, baby skin. A small squirt of mineral oil (baby oil) and/or milk and honey, in the bathing tub, 2-3 times weekly, too much will clog skin pores and can lead to a disease. If you want the white area of the eyes to be a healthy baby blue color use a eye ointment, which contains mineral oil and petroleum gel in it, nightly, while sleeping, again only 2 - 3 times weekly. 

If you have immunotherapy for basic allergens (allergies), it is a suggestion only. It is also a mandatory requirement, suggestion, to have your updated tetanus vaccine, which comes from ancient, natural, earthly sources. As stated by present health officials; A tetanus vaccine is required every five years to remove protect your toxin levels in your body, from daily life, environmental exposures, or an open "cut" to the "Aura" of the human body, the outer "force field" of the being. Or a simple cut, scratch, sustained by a rusty or dirty object, on the skin of the human body. An influenza (flu) vaccine is also needed yearly in almost all areas on the globe. Or even just to protect your body from these occurrences. There are different tetanus vaccines, at different time periods, in other areas than your hometown, and globally, Check with your health clinic in the area you are in at any certain time period. And drink a lot of milk and honey, three large glasses per day, as stated in the Christian Holy Book scriptures. Or, as a substitute only, start taking a bee honey tablet, which is honey condensed into a tablet or pill that can be purchased at a health food center. A diet without any form of meat is also of splendor and zests. Maybe you would live to be 400 ? 800 years of age. To remove protect your life from sickness and diseases, which shorten your life span to 70 years of age. 

One step further ? See a doctor of Immunology for immunotherapy for basic allergies (allergens) of the human body, or a step further, to be immunized for stronger allergies like insecticides (poison), or chemicals, or arthropods which are bugs, insects, unable to be seen with the naked eye, and much, much, more. Refer to a book at any library on the subject "immunology". Try to find a good doctors set. All "natural" derived from earthly plants, ancient medicines, herbal, and therapy. Enormous rewards to the immune system in your body, and your vital organs, and tissues, and bones. Heart problems and other major problems can be healed with the care of a specialist's immunotherapist's doctor. For a complete view of your immune system and/or any problems, there is a test called M.A.S.T. (MULTIPLY ALLERGY SYNDROME TEST) for 1000's of allergies instead of only 10,20,30,100-200; that you will only receive from a basic allergy test. Injections and/or tablets can be used for immunotherapy, and can take up to three (3) years of therapy. 

A step further see a specialists doctor of endocrinology, to remove items from the human body, such as adult hormones have a personality, act, voice, look, * feel like a 12 year old of age again, *at 90 years of age, *or any age [*Certain higher phases are not available until approximately the year of 2004 A.D.]. Removal of sunspots, age spots, premature aging from over exposure to the sun. Moles, cysts, tumors, acne, birthmarks, scares. A higher health existence of life, and life in itself, immunotherapy, protection from age and/or psychosis, (mental health, improvement of the physical immune system also improves the mental system/state in equity ? Immense, unspoken of, numerous rewards for any mental health problem, in itself. Think of 1000's of things at the same time. Adult hormones, psychosis with age, toxins, removal protection or reduction, if there is a personal problem with thy opposite sex, gender. To explain in simple terms...The Therapy is similar to having a glucose IV but at all times of your life...automatically...keeping your body/healthy clean all the time

Everlasting life Seek and you shall find. Freezing of the body, mind, spirit, matter(s), upon death, until life is present again 1000, 10000, years from date of death, from technology of ancient, and now, or future, presentation. Term name is "Cryo Genetics", which is freezing the body in a capsule, and then healing any problem that caused death, so life will be again for you, for a very long time period, if you wish to enjoy this plane of your existence for a longer time period. Even if only microscopic parts of the body are present, after an unknown type of accident. You will be ageless during the freezing period. A good book will teach you this secret ancient, now modern, technique, being used today for surgeries and other ailments, such as Chiropractor Care (Chiropractor Care has numerous rewards also, in itself) uses this technique today. A pack of ice on a sore spot on the body makes all the pain go away. A good life insurance policy will cover the basic fees of CryoGenetics. [These form of corporations can be found under the term Genetics, or "CRYONICS"... a full disclosure is in the Global Health Links below, even institutes who complete for you after the disclosed fees.] One very informational site is located at , AND THEN CONTINUE TO ALCOR.ORG

The study of all ancient cultures, therapy, medicines, has an infinite source of knowledge, information that will impress your being forever and ever. Acts of Healing - Age Death Immortalization. Modern, yet ancient, technology and medicines all derive from these ancient techniques, that was used before Christ, (B.C.).

These type of investments, documents, have everlasting life ? We hope, pray, it finds, and gives you what you search for, or everlasting life, as for you have now sought. 

Vaccine shots are also necessary for all global countries you become involved in, with, whether thru business, or personal travel. Any health clinic or organization can give you updated information on the type of vaccine, you will need for any country or particular reason or need. The World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland will give you any needed information as disclosed herein. Or the United Nations Organization in New York, New York, North America. A physician doctor (specialists) of immunology is a must for any, and all, questions or vaccines or therapy. "Peace Be With You Always". 



IN REFERENCE.......Please remember that in the Holy Bibles of the Earthly religions it speaks, teaches, us, that the new system of things, such as living in your human mortal body-beings.....forever.....has begun; these new technologies we speak of herein, especially "genetics", is the foothold of the beginning of the new system of things, no diseases, no illnesses, no death, spoke of in all Holy Books. Any, and all, governmental authorities (Now a days are actually extraterrestrial beings, anyways), will not let any form of harm, impurity(s), or wrong, develop from these new technologies, which really are not new, they are very ancient, they just haven't been disclosed to the mass public in past decades, millenniums actually, due to security precautions, and GOD. Including the extraterrestrial life, as all humans are of, humans are in a deep sleep.  The Guild of Advanced Sciences in Canada...Extraterrestrial implants [parasites, hosts, even low human intelligence of the lower profiles of the computer chip super computer the size of a tear drop, atom] are removed through automated nature here on this Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy, through the use of items such as Stonehedge in England, The Pyramids in Egypt [The Shape is the source, simply having one in your home or procession, is the same effect] The Holy Ark of The Holy Covenant, and/or any religious outing, mass, prayer, sacrament, and other thousands of such devices for humans use and universal security... whether implants are a sin or not, is a mystery.
To be extraterrestrial, a human must learn how to breath - without breathing. Using the universal matter (s) (atmospheres in the universe...any...or one major that is called electro magnetism and is every where in any place in the universe, and is the main use for "gas" "petro" in the outer space vehicles, and is free for any ones use.) which results in extended life, or rebirth, as when you do not breath you more or less die but you dont die you are placed into a realm of healing...or rebirth... to everlasting life, the body changes to different views, the eyes swell and are covered with a film like sunglasses deep blue in color.



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