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Orig. 1972 1rst Disc. 1995



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(TERMS AND CONDITIONS) has numerous resources to assist you with your endeavor, project, function, for a small, approximately $119. usd fee, current membership fee as the date of this form. This is the resource we are sharing with you in regards, to assist you with your quest/bequest. This form is for intended personal clients, not the general public forums, but resources for the general public as assistance to them.

Fund Owner (s), Processor (s), are as a whole body, throughout the entire agreement. From the beginning of the agreement marked as "mun", till the end of the agreement marked as "mun".


To whom it may concern,









Deposits, send directly, check or prefer money order, by registered, secured, trackable, mail delivery of any form to: Pious SA PLC, 114 Community Park Dr C, Ste #B4002, Seymour, TN, 37865 USA   (A corporate secured mail management center).




Designed so fund owners (=you, your) can complete without any outer interferences, even without contacting Pious, S.A.  .  Which is still the full 10-30% amount must be remunerated/paid to Pious, S.A. PLC . If Pious, S.A. PLC is retained as the processor completing any, or all activities. This form may/must be signed and dated, mandatory, to be active, with the retainment fee's deposits stated below, but the form can be excluded. I will not correspond, telephone calls, etc, without the fees paid. I have been trained by the in regards to the corporate function I also learned of it in global business school in 1972. You must remember that I cannot pay the fees to re transfer back to you, "EVEN FROM MY OWN ACCOUNT" the banks worldwide do not allow anyone to use the funds either for the fee, you must pay for that out of your own pocket I cannot pay for that either. I am sorry but I have lost too much money doing these functions for others I have tried to help. I can assist you but "YOU MUST PAY ALL FEES". "INCLUDING AN OPENING DEPOSIT FEE [$500.00+ USD] TO OPEN A PROPER ACCOUNT" for "your" need. 



I WILL NOT EVEN CORRESPOND, ONE TIME, and WITHOUT SOME FORM OF RETAINER PAYMENT: The other $500.00 USD is a retainer fee I charge and will not be returned. It will be removed from the percentage I get from helping you, if all requirements are completed, and you have your funds at hand, and useful in cash. The clearance certificate (s) of (2) two, you will have to pay that fee also, and is usually around $5000.00+ USD, I have seen some that are only $1000.00 USD, it does not depend on the amount of the transaction [one of the certificates is a tax form, and one is a money launder, illegal drug trafficking, and terrorism check, to be sure your fund did not arise from such practices] it depends on which government you are dealing with, each individual government has their own fee structure. It does not have anything to do with where you are transferring too. So the bank account you open for me (us) can be in any area, London, USA banking is preferred, Malaysia is ok, China, Germany, or the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, or others that you prefer. So locate a USA bank and I will decide of its use, which is any. I do not work for you on credit, so I am not going to do any work for you, until a payment of cash only is bona fide. At the very least $250.00 USD minimum; is 1 -2 hours of work for you. Payment plans are $100.00/$50.00 usd down payment and then $50.00 usd every week.


$500.00 USD to... Rule is, checks, money orders, payment must be from this source, which is available from so many sources, wrote from a bank in USA . Sent to the below any postal means, whether secured delivery, and/or regular postal first class delivery...[Retainer can be paid by Western Union must contact Mark Un with the location to send to...or payment sent to , ... Payment plans are $100.00/$50.00 usd down payment and then $50.00 usd every week.


Mark Un


Pious SA PLC

114 Community Park Dr C Ste B4002

Seymour, TN. 37864 USA


International License Registration Number 60/069,231



If you want to get the wire transfer information now, for your fund, feel free to call me above. Use this letterhead as proof of relationship, and permission to initiate consignment (s). Full information must be provided for record keeping. If the bank(s) you open, do not accept the larger amount (s) the fund owner (s) will have to open a bank account for two users, the fund owner, and Pious, S.A. PLC.


My corporate bank is Confidential at this time, or preferably the fund owner (s) own private bank. Money Orders and Checks are always acceptable, sent to as instructed. Any checks deposited must be from a USA bank, in which is available from any sources.


I remain,


Mr. Mark William Un





RE: Corporate Confidential Forums


**Donations information below.


*** Other Important Information


Insolvencies...such as Bank not accepting, default, misdirected funds, assets, nonpayment of commissions due whether directly or non-directly, 5% of any amount (s) is the minimum fee for users using the Pious, S.A. PLC assets whether directly and/or indirectly, very simple to track even when hidden, nonpayment will result in a 100% per annum (year) interest fee added to the amount (s) due, etc...Send any company info, etc...And/or place any monetary/asset values into any form of “interest bearing account (s)” with any global financial institution (s) (Beneficiary: The English Section/ Secretary Of State/ The Roman Catholic Church/ Vatican Cıty, Rome, Italy Europa as lobbyist to the Account name: Mark William Un), and send account info, to and/or Fax: 

Mailing Address;

Mark Un


Pious SA PLC

114 Community Park Dr C Ste B4002

Seymour, TN. 37864 USA


International License Registration Number 60/069,231






Sir {madam}, 


With response to... a personal note…

Simple Claimer... I, Mark W. Un, will claim, and I (we,, can help you...I am descendant from Austria on my father’s side, England on my mother’s side. Born and raised in USA/CHINA. I am also registered in 1985 as an International Citizen from The United Nations Organization . I have become certified for these forms of transaction needs through the United Nations world government.  is my bio and other private information of myself and my business in the world, if not available the has my full portfolio.

NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond our control, within the global marketplaces, we will not start processing applications until June of 2011...and continuing through out 2011+. Unless personally contacted.

One of the best global investment firms that Pious, S.A. recommends...


A gift is



I (We) am certified, the reason I (We) am certified is cause I (We) am very efficient in my (our) matters. I have been processing this type of corporatism for several years now, I do not need mistakes/delays. Please be very organized...when you do email correspondences... you always...always...keep the past correspondences within each email (Internet school will teach you different)...please use this format in all a confusion will accrue...causing a delay. Our Board of Directors [BOD...which is extremely private] are speaking to several [7] attorneys a week is a weekly function. ALWAYS STATE your attorneys name in any correspondence, here in America we use a number called an "attorneys docket #", or file number, or reference number. An (your) attorneys name is the best in all correspondences...with all correspondences in the same email at all times...Telephone calls are kept to a very strict minimum, or none, due to general public laws in the world, which will prevail in the world..., the public will listen to telephone calls whether electronically and/or much more severe problems kept secret in the world "mindfully" which is why the general public is awarded court cases in the world, and challenge our supremacy. Privacy, of all parties involved, the general public in the world are very nosy, as are all other places in the world [not minding their own business], in which, by "general public" laws for them give them the right to do..."challenge"...our transaction...and they will do just to be ignorant and freeze/delay your fund account for several months in the court systems, to intimidate are affairs that are strictly confidential, private, all the above statements in which we are fully secured through international laws of PRIVACY, but the general public still can delay your funds release for many months or years... then the court system places them into imprisonment for misuse of the laws, but the general public citizen (s) will still do it. Please use electronic mail the mail service, we use fully secured with the highest security available today. In which extremely high confidentiality is a must. All clients must realize I (we as is my private partners which the main is and/or and/or the processor (s)) have many other private issues that arise from time to time, that can cause a large delay in any contract (s) being further in process, as at certain times we all must keep a very low profile in any communications or other, during such times, such as international court issues. Another is the telephone system in most parts of Africa are very difficult to speak over the telephone which we all desire, even to be in the same office in which is what I desire at all times during the process period in which is impossible, due to many thousands of other issues that are priority status also. The herein stated, is as far as I will enable your fund clearances...unless I have the funds available...

An attitude of "rush" will not be tolerated. To rush, hurry, during these times of change with many activities, the world bank systems changing to a no rush atmosphere, "gracefulness is awarded as priority", with the fund in activation transferred to the rightful owners within 2 weeks, to 2 months. We realize that most of you coming to our organization for assistance want your fund completed tomorrow, which use to be possible before the year 2001-3. As much as we would like to have your fund released to you the next day, it is impossible now do with these new era of things, banking, clearance, the world governmental authorities super busy all the time. Please be graceful...professional...graceful. One-day completion is fine to do, if possible.



Furthermore...Those whom need financial assistance...When the Fees Due to release the fund to the fund holder needs to be waived or paid. Can those release fees be waived? Is there not some form of law resolution for this problem? I am from the USA/CHINA there is laws that govern this form of international law standards your government, and its body,” banks/security companies", is to abide by the law of the host country which would be the USA/CHINA, in which your government and/or "you =meaning your company which includes the bank/security company where the funds are stored” are supposed to supply a resolve, whether in paying the fees due yourselves, and I repay you after the funds are released, and/or I simply pay you after the funds are released. That is common international law installed into the international system many years ago in the 1960's, The Paris Convention. Fund Owner (s) are supposed to be banking and/or attorneys...and you don’t know that law and abide by it? But not to cause commotion within the public, makes it difficult and near impossible, please contact me privately, if the resolve can be completed. Without hindrance and/or delay. Please state "RESOLVE" in subject line in any email correspondences to, or simply state "resolve has been approved" in any telephone communications...if you would talk to your fund management [not our liability] they will usually reduce, waive, your fees due to 50%, and pay the rest after your fund is released.



Full Funds will be available in/on near or after, June 2017 for those who need.



For this form of Corporate Confidential transaction (s) you...


(I = 10-25% my percentage commission fee, of the amount of the transfer (s) and/or if I pay the/any fee) At this time I do not pay any fees, including traveling expenses, but in the upcoming months I will be able to pay those also for my clients...the 1-25+% commission from the amount of the transfer (s) fund (s) will remain as agreed upon even if I do not pay the fees of any form, the chain of percentage fees commission gets large that I must pay from my generated commission (s)... 1.) The bank, 2.) Our partners located at , and a 3.) Investigative panel also that is private, for these forms of corporate functions [none of these extra entities are contacted unless a need arises]. The normal % fee is 25% for the use of my capital assets (NOT MONETARY=CASH...ONLY MY CAPITAL disclosed in, when available,  ...which is required by International Laws) A 15% retainment fee is charged on any type of checks I, and/or the processor (s), must deal with, to be sent onward to any place. Meaning I (we) must keep 15% of any checks, and/or cash, or other, I (we) receive to be used for the fees due, to be paid to the account invoice (s) due. Due to the many problems that are associated with checks, and not receiving the agreed upon percentage payment, after release of a fund. That monetary amount will be removed from the final percentage payment to Mark W. UN.


...Will need 5000 USD/Euro/Pounds, etc…, to transfer the funds from out/in of Africa, and/or any other globule country (s), Clearance Certificates from the countries IRS, and/or other country (s), which is free and the other certificate that costs 5000 +/- USD/Euros/pounds, etc…, from a United Nations Organization Security Council, to be sure the transaction is not an illegal one, "within the laws of the time of the funds activities”, in which can be completely different than the laws of this day governing the type of fund, in reality an international attorney ship fee. The 5000 +/- USD/Euros/pounds, etc…, is not refundable if the Clearance Certificate cannot be issued for the transfer (s). 


I have been taught since 1972 in regards to all, or any, affairs within the globe (s), from the United Nations Organization privately. My corporate Board of Directors is strictly private.




Mr. Mark Un will not be Liable for any act (s) of God.... or the things of God... any act (s) of people...or the things of people... or any other global (s), national (s), or area (s), sector (s), affair (s) that can arise from this AGREEMENT.


Mr. Mark Un Liabilities are only as stated in the AGREEMENT received by initial email correspondences, the owner of any such Funds must have and/or obtain their own private insurance to cover any amounts in transfer "at all times" and is usually covered by your bank at all times anyhow. This is usually always provided by all banks worldwide, free of charge.

Pious, S.A. PLC [Mark Un], and/or any of Our associates whether indirect or direct, will not be liable for any form of insurance coverage needs, and/or any of the affairs that deal with such needs of insurance coverage’s..."EVEN WHILE THE FUNDS ARE IN MY/OUR BANK ACCOUNT (S)”..."BE SURE YOUR FUND IS FULLY INSURED AT ALL TIMES"!!  

Corporate Insurance search...


If you want to add a certain area in the world, place that area in the above link




If you want to add a certain area in the world, place that area in the above link


The re-transfer, "of the owners Funds after the percentage has been removed for Mr. Mark Un fees for services rendered" and/or private delivery can be completed immediately and/or privately within a 30 day period, and can be extended for extremely large material items, to transfer directly to another bank anywhere in the world, usually only takes 1-3 days, after any fees due are paid and released in 7-10 days. Unforeseen delays can be longer...and do happen frequently. All commission (s) paid to Pious, S.A. PLC and/or processor (s), will be termed as “For Processing Services Rendered”




Any fees including the Clearance Certificate, is/are the liability of the ORIGINAL owners of the Fund. 


All statements are True, bonding, as stated herein and/or the initial agreement, unless modified within the AGREEMENT. The agreement is usually only verbal at times also; please do not allow this mistake.


To receive a response, in any form, from Mr. Mark UN is a positive answer that the AGREEMENT received was accepted, but may be modified at any time... 


Mark UN 


Pious, SA PLC

114 Community Park Dr C Ste B4002

Seymour, TN. 37864 USA


International License Registration Number 60/069,231


Intern'l. # 00-1-727-490-7290


Please use email address of...

For any correspondences, in regards, are archived and we may get to your function within this year.


Net Worth’s...Other Confidential Offers and Private Banking…

Every Candidate (Fund Owners) must provide a "in good status" bank account for the transaction. New accounts are also acceptable. We will not offer and/or use our private banking facilities.


***This corporate bank, which is not disclosed, will also be used for those whom desire Pious, S.A. PLC to invest the fund for them, the bank has full management and consultation, in which Pious, S.A. PLC will not be involved in any matters thereof, only the initiation of such activities will Pious, S.A. PLC complete for Our Clients, as the bank will do all activities of such fund management, and will save you your tax amounts by at least 25% of your fund that most of these corporatism are seeking with my/our assistance, I am extremely happy to give you my influence and global knowledge. Please keep CONFIDENTIAL at all times even after the function; laws of privacy can be enforced if intimidated, internationally, and/or nationally. However if you are aware of others whom need this form of corporate it would be an honor to assist them in the corporate function also. This form of corporate function is not new in the marketplaces but has become very strict, secured, with the world government liaisons, peace, privacy, keeping measures of business at a global level...To this date, there are near 1000's fund contracts for "next of kin/consignment corporate functions" waiting to be processed by Pious, S.A., and are all scheduled to be completed in the upcoming months, on a first come first served basis. May your lives be full of splendor and enlightenment, from all the corners of the Universe (s), to be as lengthily as you desire...on the Plane (ts) that you desire...With The Almighty Gods Undivided Guidance.................


His Highness/Eminence


Ban, Maka


[Aka... MARK UN]



...Reminder it is highly illegal to engage in thought, personal life, to bother, mentally/physically, a king of a nation...and is reported as espionage to all global authorities as such...please be extremely to any form of contact towards Our Client (s), our admin.... Dealing with the mass general public has numerous/unlimited risks, and investment forms we have brought in to the World (s) marketplaces.........and the mass general public (s). To challenge would be an act of severe crime actions, and punishment, which are the common sense in International law (s).







Pious, S.A. PLC
















[Any form, thumbprint is fine. Mail/Fax by any means to: Pious, S.A. PLC Pious SA, Ban Securities and Exchanges, 114 Community Park Dr C Ste B4002, Seymour, TN. 37864 USA +1-727-490-7290]


This form can be modified, but it CANNOT BE CHANGED, please inscribe intentions (Letter of Wishes) above, add of additional sheets accepted.  MOU/AOA: .






Form # NKdisc2005 UCC GLOBAL Copyrights Exclusive by/for Pious, S.A. PLC [The Ban Exchange] All rights reserved.

[This Form Is Protected Internationally and The Contents]

Final update 5/31/2017 9:16:42 AM .

Pious S.A. State of Colorado USA Registered 1985 A.D.


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